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Model WC-100 Work Cube® shown above with selected optional activity modules purchased separately (see product description). Also pictured is the WS-40 Work Seat®

Providing true-to-life dynamic simulation activities that will motivate patients is a big challenge. Whether the need is for work hardening, work conditioning, or assessment, the WORK CUBE® can do it all in a compact and functional design. Movable activity modules can be easily positioned in seconds to simulate hundreds of tasks and activities. Patients will enjoy the realism and variety of the activities and clinicians will appreciate the WORK CUBE® for its functional versatility.

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WC-118 Lever Arm Module:
Two variable-resistance arms for repetitive horizontal or vertical movement. Simulates automobile shifter, drill press lever, hand saw, etc.

WC-190 Steering Wheel Module:
Large diameter wheel with variable-resistance control simulates truck or bus. (Standard automobile wheel configuration available.)

WC-220 Foot Pedal Module:
Gas, brake, and clutch pedal for lower extremity activity. Simulates real force and feel of car and truck pedals. (Extra-heavy clutch option available.)
wc-120 WC-120 Heavy Duty Ladder:
For balance skills. Brace holds ladder securely to the frame. 300-pound rated.

WC-135 Mini-Weight Carrier:
Weighs five pounds and holds 20 pounds of WORK CUBE® Weight Blocks for very light lifting. Extra-long handle for one and two handed lifting.

WC-210 Unilateral Weight Carrier:
Mid-sized carrier simulates tool box or suitcase for carrying tasks. Also use with WORK CUBE® Shelves for lifting activities and evaluations.

wcw-160 WC-160 Push/Pull Bar:
Variable-resistance pivot-arm assembly for light-duty pushing or pulling. Similar to weight sled activities.

WC-176 "Grip and Pinch" Activity Module:
ADL activities. Car door handles and locks, dead bolt and hose faucet.

WC-215 Rotation Activity Module:
Variable-resistance rotation activity for hand, arm and upper extremity exercise. Interchangeable handles and knobs are included. Torque wrench supplied to measure resistance settings.

wc-192 WC-192 Storage Bin Module:
Five compartment bin for fine-motor and serial-sorting activities, and grasping tasks.

WC-100 Product Description (Adobe .pdf file)

WC-100 Standard Equipment (Adobe .pdf file)

WC-100 Optional Activity Modules (Adobe .pdf file)

WC-100 Product Spec Sheet (Adobe .pdf file)

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