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Enjoy the benefits of an advanced interactive driving assessment and evaluation system. The WT-2000 Driving Simulator System simulators, featuring STISIM Drive™ Interactive Driving Software, are an essential part of an effective driving evaluation program. Driving simulator consoles are available in both car and truck configurations and have fully interactive steering, throttle and brake action, turn signal and horn.

These versatile driving simulator systems provide a full-color ‘virtual’ world with all the sights and sounds of a real driving experience - even a ‘virtual’ rear- view mirror! During your drive you can change lanes, speed-up, slow- down, stop and start - all of the things you do in a real car. Driving tasks can be easily changed by adding or removing intersections, signs, buildings, interactive traffic and other variables. And throughout your ‘virtual’ drive, the WT-2000 Driving Simulator System monitors driving performance and provides a detailed, printed summary for each driving session. Test and measure reaction time, divided attention, maintained lane position and other important parameters.

These ready-to-drive systems include a rugged all-steel console, PC- based computer system and interactive driving software, LCD driving display monitor and LCD operator’s monitor and Technical Manual. Options include floor-mounted shifter, handicapped driving controls, wheelchair accessible configuration and a video projector system.

Lease and rental programs are available for all WT-2000 Driving Simulator Systems.

WT-2000 Product Overview (Adobe .pdf file)

WT-2000 Product Literature (Adobe .pdf file)

Simulator Software Literature (Adobe .pdf file)

Research Bibliography (Adobe .pdf file)

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